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Gift Vouchers

Car valeting gift vouchers 

DPD Services car valeting gift vouchers for your loved one

Whether it's a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or special occasion, the DPD Services car valeting gift voucher is the ideal gift for your loved one, friends or relatives. This gift voucher service enables you to give a unique gift.

The gift voucher service works by simply selecting the service you wish to give. Choose from our range of standard services to full valet services.

For more information or to purchase your voucher call DPD Services today, serving all locations across Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex.
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How to get your car valeting gift voucher

• Either telephone or email us with the details of the service you would like a gift voucher for
• We require the recipient's name, address and telephone number
• A gift voucher will be sent to you direct with your chosen service so you can give the gift voucher to the recipient
• Payment for the gift voucher can be made at the time of booking by direct bank payment or cheque. Or when the recipient books their appointment to redeem the voucher payment can be made either of the above options at that point.
Want to give your loved one a unique gift? Then why not give them one of our car valeting gift vouchers. For more information call DPD Services serving all locations across Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex. 
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