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Diamondbrite Total Car Protection

Diamondbrite Total Car Protection

                 Diamondbrite total car protection - guaranteed for Life!

Want to keep your car in great shape for longer? At DPD Services we offer Diamondbrite total car protection. This acts like a second skin to protect your car's paintwork and long lasting protection for your car's upholstery. Call DPD Services today to book your appointment, serving all areas across Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex.
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Bodywork Protection

A specially formulated protector is applied to the vehicle paintwork providing a water tight seal which is impenetrable to precipitation. This invisible second skin protects your paintwork from rain, sun, sleet, ice and snow leaving a permanent water bead effect on the paintwork.

Once treated with Diamondbrite paint protector, all forms of traffic film, dirt and dust are easily removed from your paintwork while retaining that showroom finish all year round. This product is guaranteed for Life from application date.

Service Cost £149.50

Interior Protection

A unique chemical treatment is applied to the upholstery and carpets and is absorbed into the fibres. This protection dries to create a waterproof barrier, preventing moisture penetrating the fibres. Spillages such as coffee and tea bead of the material like water of a ducks back, whilst dust, dirt and sticky sweets are easily removed. Leather upholstery is enhanced and its life prolonged by leather supplement. Leather supplement is absorbed deep into the leather, nourishing it and keeping it supple to avoid it drying out and wearing prematurely.
Service Cost £49.50
Want to protect your car's bodywork and interior upholstery? For Diamondbrite with a lifetime guarantee, call DPD Services today! Serving all areas across Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex. 

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